Gratify Partners can be notified of Gratify events

Event Notifications

Gratify Partners can configure their accounts to receive HTTP notifications of key Gratify events.

The {partnerUrl} can be set to a URL of a system owned by the Partner (for example

From this endpoint, the Partner can then use the Gratify Partner API to retrieve additional details and status about the order.

Contact your Gratify support representative to configure {partnerBaseUrl} for your Gratify Partner account.

EventNotification URL
New OrderPOST {partnerBaseUrl}/order-new
Refunded OrderPOST {partnerBaseUrl}/order-refunded
Chargeback OrderPOST {partnerBaseUrl}/order-chargeback

Event Data

Each HTTP POST notification will contain the following fields in POST message body

Attribute nameTypeDescription
partnerIdstringUnique ID for the Gratify Partner associated with the order. For example "partner_ngFXNRrnx33s"
merchantIdstringUnique ID for the Gratify Merchant associated with the order. For example "merchant_fenr66RRsh3sa"
orderIdstringUnique order ID generated by Gratify "order_dBfgheRTT43sz"

Use this ID to retrieve additional order details with the Partner API