The Gratify E-Commerce Plugin API is used to create integrations between the Gratify backend and shopping cart platforms such as Woo Commerce, Magento, Shopify, etc.

To integrate Pay with Gratify into your E-Commerce shopping cart, you will need to create a plugin for your shopping cart platform. The plugin will need to implement the following functionality:

  • Plugin Adminstration
    • Setting and securely storing the Gratify Merchant ID and API Shared Secret in your plugin administration UI
    • Call GET /merchant to retreive read-only merchant settings from the Gratify platform and display them in your plugin adminstration UI
  • Cart Integration
    • Add Pay with Gratify as a payment option alongside your current payment options
    • Call GET /merchant/payment-schedule to provide the web user with a preview of the Gratify payment plan
    • Call POST /merchant/order-initialize to create a Gratify order and redirect the web user to the Gratify web app to complete the order
  • Other Features
    • Implement Gratify order managment, order status and merchant-initiated refund capabilities

API Authentication

The Gratify E-Commerce Plugin API uses Basic Auth over HTTPS for authentication for all API calls.


Provide your API credentials in the Authentication header of HTTPS calls to the API

Authentication: Base64(GratifyMerchandID + ":" + GratifyMerchantAPISharedSecret)

Development vs. Production

You will receive two sets of API credentials, one for development and testing purposes, and one for production purposes.

Any Merchants created with development keys cannot complete real-money transactions, but can be used for test transactions to facilitate further integration with settlement and reporting.

Get Started

Contact [email protected] to get your API credentials and get support implementing your plugin.