Getting Started

Start your integration here!

In this section, we discuss how to get started with Gratify Pay, including the steps and required information common to all clients/merchants using Gratify Pay. Merchants who want to get started with Gratify Pay should follow the quick and easy high-level steps found here to get underway:

1. Get an Account

The first step on this journey is to create an account. Once you have a merchant account, you'll have access to our Merchant Portal to set up and manage your Gratify Pay integration.

To get your merchant account, go to our website and select the Login tab at the top of the page:


Click Login

On the page that appears, fill in the information requested in the form, and click Submit.


Fill in the form

Once you have set up your Merchant Account, you can:

  • View transaction analytics
  • Manage transactions
  • Access your API keys
  • Start your integration

2. Choose Your Integration

Next, select the integration (or integrations) that fit your needs. Gratify Pay offers easy setup for in-store purchases and e-commerce plugins to provide the flexibility you need for today's business ventures.


3. Add Gratify Pay to Your Store

Now that you’ve signed up, created your Merchant account, and can log into the Merchant Portal, you’re ready to integrate Gratify Pay into your online or physical store.

What’s Next

To learn more about how our payment flows work, see the Flows pages below.

To get started with one of our existing e-commerce platforms, skip ahead to Platforms.