What Is Gratify Pay?


Whether you need a new laptop, a new appliance, are planning a trip, or need to help someone you love, all of us at some point in our lives need to make purchases that do not fit comfortably into a monthly budget. Gratify Pay helps consumers fit these purchases into their budget without exorbitant interest fees. It helps merchants by offering a new payment option that allows both in-store and online purchases, and helps with conversion rates for both.

How Does Gratify Pay Work?

Gratify Pay offers a simple and seamless way for your customers to pay for their purchases over time. Our easy to configure integration gives you mobile-friendly solutions optimized for web and in-store purchases. We provide all the tools you need to integrate our Buy Now Pay Later solutions and set up your business to offer deferred payment options, offer pre-qualification, and add Gratify Pay to your checkout.

What’s Next

For more information from the customer perspective - ie about payment plans, how they are managed, determining limits, and other key info, see Customer Guidance.

If you are a merchant looking to get started, see Getting Started.